Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Letters To Taylor Swift Information

I had this idea that a person going to a show can write a letter to Taylor. In the letter you can tell her why shes so amazing or why shes your idol and what you love about her. In the letter we can make codes in them like she dose with her lyric books, so in each letter there would be one word in code and by the time she had all of the letters it  would spell out a message to Taylor. Tell me what you think or if you need anything to be cleared up! also i would like to know if you want to participate and what concert you are attending.
So for the letter please type it using "Satisfaction" font which you can find free downloads of on Google. This font is also know as Taylor Swift font because it the font you will find on all of her thing. Once you type the letter with you coded word spread through the letter in caps end the letter with "sincerely" or 'love" something along those lines add you name, age, where your from, concert attended and date of concert attended.Also in the lower right hand corner put the number the letter is in the message so she has an easier time arranging them since she wont be getting the words in order.
 Love KassieRose, 16 Years old
I'm From______
I was able to let my emotions burn RED in ___________ on____________.
Once done with that print it out fold in thirds (traditional letter format). Get out a envelope. On the front write out "Taylor" with her handwriting, trace it from a word document if it makes it easier. Then in the lower right corner, in your handwriting, write the show attended and date.  You can decorate the letter if you would like. you can also add instructions on what she is supposed to do with the letter :) if you have any further questions just ask or message me! I'm happy to help! Once you tell me what concert you are attending I will message you your code word spread through your letter! Also as soon as I type my letter I will try to upload it here or on Taylor Connect as an example.
thanks for participating! Have a Swift-Tastic day! Stay Beautiful Be Fearless Speak Now and let your emotions burn bright RED.
My Taylor Connect Profile Link:  http://taylorswift.com/users/kassieswiftie13
My Taylor Connect Project Link: http://taylorswift.com/forum/past_future_tours/2370943